Thursday, February 25, 2010


This image to me is seen as a successful logo through its overall design and colour. The way the tooth is done almost appears to be that of a tattoo design which is one of the reasons that it appeals to me the most. The colours used for the logo are in no way at all overwhelming. The use of cool colours helps create a calm image. The type in the logo also consists of these cool colours and the company name itself is not taking any attention away from the logo as a whole. To me the logo is perfectly balanced.

This logo like the one above it uses cool colours creating a sense of calmness. But unlike the logo before this one depicts an image that everyone can identify as an actual tooth. In doing so the logo is instantly recognisable as a dental clinic. With the word 'family' written in bold the viewer is able to understand that anyone can be brought here and that it is naturally a kind family environment.

Like the logo above this dental clinic has an emphasis on a family clinic only this logo's use of colour isn't blue its a light shade of green. The tooth is once again shown instantly making it recognisable as a dental clinic. The size of the font for the actual company name stands out the most in this logo and a much darker green is used as the colour for the font. But even though the main company name is larger than anything else in the logo the lighter green still draws us away from the name and lets us look at the logo as a whole.

I like this image because of the overall simplicity of it. Black is the only colour used in the logo making it so your attention is not drawn elsewhere in the logo. The word precision in the logo is in bold making us focus on it and gives the impression that the company is perfect. It is a simple company title with a small running man beside it to help identify what sort of gym/company it is.

My Gym is a gym which focus's more on children's fitness than adults. This is also successfully shown in their company logo. It is done in a very simple and aesthetically pleasing way. There's nothing in the logo that is overly complex even for a child to see. It is designed to attract children and this is helped by the illustrated monkey. The monkey brings a kind of playfulness to the logo which is a successful tool in attracting children. The colours in the image are also very child friendly and the font is in no way confronting also displaying a sense of playfulness.

To me golds gym has a sort of seriousness about it. The simplicity of the two colours used also to me demonstrates the seriousness as if theres no mucking around at the gym. The yellow colour is as if to say that the gym strives for gold and by putting the figure up against the black it makes the yellow stand out much more.

This logo appears to have a touch of elegance about it. The single gold colour mixed with the style of font help to achieve this as well as the sheer simplicity of the flower design placed above it. It is a simple and successful logo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Always Greener

Today we had to create a composite by exploring and communicating the following popular saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. This seemed alot harder than first thought. In the end i came up with three images that i felt communicated this. But I'm still unhappy with my designs as i feel as if they are just to simple.

Monday, February 22, 2010


This was our first set piece of work compositing images. It took a while to get the hang of things but after some basic instructions the whole process became quite simple.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This image is seen as the most expensive to date. Moonlight by Edward Steichen shows a great sense of mystery but in many other ways a sense of beauty and peace. The reflection of the water helps achive these senses.

This image by Cindy Sherman to me depicts a type of innocence through both her body language and facial expressions. This is also captured simply by the image not being centred.

This is an image by Robert Adams that i like purely because of the peace of the image. There is nothng else going on in the photograph only the image of the ocean.

Richard Billingham took several pictures depicting his family life mostly revolving around his father and his struggle with being an alcoholic. This photo like Clark's and Wall's shows a slight sense of paranoia almost a fear of going to sleep. This of course is captured through the fathers eyes and them being fully trained and focussed on the camera.

The angle of this photo by Martin Parr helps identify the scale of the image and just how many people are present and that the photo is done in the moment, nothing scripted.

This image by Jeff Wall like Larry Clark's image demonstrates a sense of paranoia only this time without any influence from drugs. The man is shown looking over his shoulder at what we see as a shadow like figure behind the tree.

Gregory Crewdson's works appear to be done in a way that a movie might. But this image shows a man standing in the rain next to what appears to be a broken down car. This to me shows a sense of hopelessness where no one is there to help in a time of need, almost captivating a sense of depression.

This image by Araki interests me in the way that the final image came out. The people in the image are blurred and almost appear as though they are ghosts.

This is an image by Tony Vaccaro of what appears to be a soldier kissing his daughter goodbye. This image i feel shows the real emotion of what it would really feel like as a father saying goodbye to youtr child for what could be the last time.

To me this photo by Larry clark shows a form of paranoia caused by the use of drugs.We are not able to see exactly what the man is pointing the gun at and because of this the sense of paranoia is achieved.


Yesterday we were given the task of taking a space background and putting certain objects in that background, making the objects look as if they belong using the pen and anchor tool. The images we added to the space background were 3 additional planets, a baseball, a tractor, a golf club, a hair dryer, a backpack, an aston martin, a harly davidson, a machine gun and a daffodil. After doing this we would create a vector which would allow us to still edit the image without deleting the background on the same layer. It took quite a while to put everything together. The must frustrating pat of the task was getting the proportions right. This piece of work was the second piece that i did yesterday as i thought that my first image did not look as convincing or as good as it could have been.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get the glass review

Today as a group we all played get the glass. Get the glass was very aesthetically pleasing with the amount of detail that went into the visuals of the game. I was at first very suprised by the amount of work that went into the visuals of the game as most flash games that i have played have only been basic games with 2D visuals. The gameplay itself had a good concept behind it although at times became very frustrating.

I found myself having to restart all the time as a result of failing certain challenges in the game that seemed a little difficult at times. Eventually I just got sick of having to restart over an over again so I never really got around to actually finishing the game, so yeh im pretty fail. But in conclusion the game itself was very successfull in my opinion in advertising the got milk camaign by using a unique style of gameplay as well as good concepts and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First blog

Hey its chris just typing up random crap at the moment. Im still very new to this so just getting the feel of it all