Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Chopping Block


- Chop Shop Merch:
It is their main product sold online. The inspiration for their work is all things nerdy or geeky, which can be defined by the obsessive nature of our culture rather than simply appealing to math and programming nerds.

- Consolidated Theaters:
We asked to rebrand the website with an elegant Hawaiian feel to it that doesn't come across to the average person as too over-priced.

- Me Ra Koh
Is a photographer on a mission to empower women through her images. Chopping Block created a simple but elegant Wordpress themed website for her, also with a simple identity.

- Phish Festival: "Save The Date"
Is an interactive website for the band Phish. It was done by creating an open map of the US and as each state was eliminated in the running for the band to play there, each state would be removed in a random and bizarre occurrence.

- Rachael Ray
Created a website that combined all things Rachael Ray into one go-to site.

Created a game for the TV series, from one of the episodes "ten Items or Less". The game involves the latest programming 3D technology from Flash called Papervision, simulating a real life grocery isle and turkey bowling.

- They Might Be Giants
US band, created the theme and album cover for their first album "NO". They also created an interactive CD/ROM for the band.

- The Happiness Project
Website designed for Gretchen Rubin as an upgrade from her blog to put her theories into practice.

other clients and portfolio pieces have been:
Dilbert Identity: United Media
Qelavi Identity
Climate Central

The chopping block manage their own website utilizing a large amount of JavaScript to create an interactive website. Giving viewers the option to view their portfolio and their future projects. The chopping block also have their own blog linked to this page. Here they talk about their work as well as several other topics even some not related to design.

They also have their own online store where viewers can purchase any poster or print design shown. The chopping block helped with the design of websites such as Consolidated theatres, Me Ra Koh photography, Phish, Rachael Ray and many more. Their goal is to continually push the boundaries of interactive web.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Animal Logic

Not only does the company Animal Logic have a vast client base throughout the world they also have a long history of developing and supporting software products. They have created and built on software products such as Mayaman, Maxman, Softman, PRman. By developing these programs and software animal logic has made 3D programs and software available to not only big businesses but one-man businesses from home.
Animal Logic has worked on many high end visual effects for commercials and television programs. They have worked and designed projects for clients such as Cartoon Network and Spicks and Specks they have worked on the award winning film Happy Feet. In November 2009 Animal Logic ranked 447 in the Top500 super computer sites.

Animal Logic has several studios in Sydney, Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Their work targets several different audiences from children with films such as happy feet, babe and legend of the guardians to adults with films such as 300, 28 weeks later and world trade center. It is hard to develop a single opinion on them as if there is something you don't like made by them then there will most certainly be something else that you would like. This is a result of several unique advertisements and filming effects that adhere to everyone's likes and interests.


We have to post five different websites on our blog that we like and comment on why we like them.

This website I purely like for the layout of the page.

I like this particular site as it is very simplistic and not over cluttered with unnecessary images or information.

This site is perhaps my favourite here. It has a simplistic tab on the side to make accessing information easy and the imagery used on the homepage is very aesthetically pleasing and in no way overwhelming.

Like the first one this appeals to me for its layout system. Seeing all the artists projects neatly displayed on the screen.

One of the best site layouts I've seen with amazing pictures and a simple tab pn the side to navigate through the page. This page also utilizes flash which gives it that extra crisp effect.

As well as these five images we also had to add a site that we did not like.

I hate how the image used in the background is tiled all over the screen. There also appears to be no attempt to make the type more attractive. Overall I believe the designer of this site could have done much better.

Friday, May 6, 2011