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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Serial Cut

Serial cut appeals to me quite a bit. I love the way that their art is just so different and its that sense of originality and uniqueness that draws me to them. Each of their artworks seems to have a completely different feel about it so when asked if their works are coventional or radical, I'd say both. Several of the images on their website caught my attention but i was immediately grabbed by the home page with the backstage crew.

This is another image that imediately caught my attension because of the colours and three dementional shapes used in it.

These are a series of other images that immediately caught my attension from the site.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Final Logo designs and Report

Critique report

On Thursday the 13th of May we were to present our company logos to the class and critique each other’s work. Unfortunately when I presented mine I’d forgotten to post my business card but I still received some useful feedback from the class.
The colours used throughout my designs were thought to be very good and well thought out. They liked the combination of the orangey yellow and the black. I was also surprised to hear that my brochure cover, which was one of my least favourite designs for unexplained reasons, I just felt there could have been something different to use, but it was very well liked throughout the class.
That was what the class believed was good about my designs but there was so much more room for improvement. The inside of the brochure needed massive improvement. The vector images I had used as a border had made it look like too much of a church hall. With the information used inside the brochure there was no way of telling where to start, there was no setup, no headings and all this needed to be fixed.
One of my favourite designs was the with compliments slip. I felt it looked really professional but the more I looked at it the more I began to see that it looked more like a business card. The class agreed that it needed big improvement. It was way too complicated and there was no space for any writing whatsoever on the slip.
The letterhead I presented got some good feedback but the only thing that needed adjusting was the stroke used at the bottom of the page as well as setting out the information a little better.
My most major piece of advice was to change the logo and make the ‘f’ look more like an ‘f’ instead of an ‘e’. There was also a vector image of a plane that I used in pretty much all of my designs and it was suggested that I get rid of it from most of my designs. My final piece of advice was on the bookmark. There was a small amount of writing at the bottom of the bookmark, kind of like the company slogan. It just got lost into the white and needed a few slight adjustments.
From there I worked on modifying the ‘F’ in ‘aeroflight’. As said some people had trouble identifying it as an ‘F’. I also worked on redoing the brochure setup inside as well as the brochure cover. I decided to get rid of the whole business suit idea and get rid of the vector-based tie in the centre of the brochure cover as well as replacing my old logo design.
For my with compliments slip I drastically reduced the size of the type and the vector based illustrations around the images around it to create more space inside for a fair amount of writing. My letterhead was left almost untouched, the only things changed were of course the logo and fixing up the stroke at the bottom of the page.
I did a completely new business card after some advice from Luke, trying to make it as simple yet professional as possible. And the bookmark didn’t require much adjustment. The plane was removed from the bookmark as for many other designs, the slogan down the bottom adjusted and the new logo incorporated into it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Modern Kraft

Company Logos

In class we were given the task of creating ten logos for ten companies using illustrator. For alot of the logos i used the industry itself as my inspiration for some of the logos, but for others like Petersons instruments and erc I simply had to find a way to make the name of the company stand out as much as i could without adding anything irrelevant to the logo.

Typographic art

I like this image mainly for the simplicity of it but at the same time this image is still effective.

I live the way how the type in this image is overwhelmed with a second effect that gives it an almost three dementional feel to it.

This image i like purely for the way the type is set out. The way each sentence is set out though this image make it fun to read.

I like how this image uses a type of spacey background, with the type in the image creating a three dementional face with the glow of the background coming through the face.

I like the way this image is created through the placement of type and the use of colour to define the character. The way that there are no clear lines making the viewer work at depicting the image.

I love how this image at first appears to be sketched but as the viewer looks closer they realise that it is simply carefully placed black and white type. This image really appeals to me.

The type in this image is used in such a way that it looks as if the words themselves are running off the womens body. i like this image simply for the effect this image creates.

This image much like the one before appears to be sketched at first but through closer inspection type is used for a majority of the work. The type is smalle and more subtle in this image and isn't used in the same horizontal fasion as the first but none the less is still an effective image.

This image uses the type horizontally but doesn't create the hand drawn effect. This image like others has a three dementional feel to it and a greate range of colours.

I love this image for the colours, the layout and the overall effect of the image. The way the image is done it gives off a sort of glow and the cool blue colours on a black background really brings out the image.