Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lego packaging

For my packaging assignment I decided to stick with the idea of lego. But we had to come up with a completely original idea that had not been attempted before. Due to this fact I decided to create Maclarens Bar from the popular TV series How I met Your Mother. This scene would also contain all the main characters in the TV show as well as several others to create the busy environment of Maclarens Bar. The target demographic for this particular piece was roughly ages 12 and up, maily targeting it towards people who would actually be able to watch the show. In total this assignment cost me roughly $150 due to the purchasing of lego pieces as well as paints and printing.

The final product was not exactly how I pictured it. To me it lacked all the fine detail that was needed. This was a result of both bad luck and poor time management. If this product had more detail then I would say that it would easily sell for roughly $60 for the whole package.