Friday, October 5, 2012

Zine Cover 'the real story'

So here is one of my more recent works that i did for an assignment at university. Just putting it out there I am not the best when it comes to illustration so I try and make things look as kiddy as possible when it comes to illustration, mainly because it seems to be the only part of illustration that I am good at. Anyway this assessment was to create a zine based on a fairy tale that we could tell in whatever way we pleased. I decided to do mine on Little Red Riding Hood. My version of the story simply illustrates that idea that what if the story was a lie (I know its a fairy tale). But what if all that happened was Red Riding Hood simply saw a dog approach her and she wanted some attention for it, so she told her friends a lie. Anyway here is the front cover for the zine. Here I will show you a very quick look at how I created it.
So before I started using illustrator I sketched out the images and scanned them into the computer.
After they are scanned into your computer take them into illustrator and outline the entire image using the pen tool.
After the entire image is outlined use the live paint feature to fill in the areas with the colour. Rearrange the characters in whatever way necessary and the you are done.

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